Strategy overview

Approved in 2013, the Company’s strategy with a focus on Tier I assets and a disciplined investment approach has proved its viability by delivering the industry’s highest shareholder returns.
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Focus on improving the cash cost profile, recovery rates, as well as environmental performance.
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Focus on lower pollutant emissions and overall improvement of the living and working conditions of employees.
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Strategic focus on unlocking the potential of Tier I assets, i.e. projects with an annual revenue of over USD 1 bn, EBITDA margin of 40% and mine life of reserves ratio of at least 20 years.
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Social responsibility, health, safety and environment
Major upgrade
of production
Growth based on Tier I assets in Russia

Our mission and values

Through the efficient use of natural resources and equity, we supply mankind with non-ferrous metals, which make the world a more reliable place to live in and help people realise their aspirations for development and technological progress.


an ability to address any challenges to ensure success for the business.


effective production ramp-up and upgrade, leverage of groundbreaking technologies and development of our people.


delivering against our targets in due time and at minimum costs.


a desire to honour our commitments and take on responsibility for our decisions.


a sustainably strong performance.


an ability and desire to achieve goals through team work.


Сapital expenditures in 2016

Our investment project KPIs proved to be resilient to the challenging macro environment, and we will carry on with their implementation despite commodity market volatility.

USD 1,695 mln
Source: Company data